About Four Dogs:

What do we do?

Four Dogs Brewing and Sales Agency is a Calgary based craft beer and craft spirits sales agency. We pride ourselves in representing, selling and marketing premium products from Canada, the USA and around the world. Not only are we proud to represent and sell these brands, we are also very proud to call them all our friends.

Service is our #1 goal. Supplying on and off premise accounts with their every need. Customizing the service and marketing to suit the individual customer needs, instead of pushing out generic programs to all.

Why Four Dogs?

Four Dogs Brewing and Sales Agency is not only named after, but also inspired by my 4 special and amazing dogs. All 4 were rescue dogs, from various shelters. All 4 were special needs dogs. All 4 have since passed away in a short 4 month window. These dogs taught me to always fight on and work hard. Never complaining, just living life through tough times with a smile and a tail wag. If they can do anything (one without the use of her back legs!), then I can take this risk and start my own company. I decided to make 4 beers. Each one named and styled after my 4 dogs. That was the inspiration behind Four Dogs Brewing as well. Their love, loyalty, spunk, fight and courage are always a source of inspiration to us at Four Dogs! Love you Zen, Friday, Elvis and Sasha!


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