Our Beers

Friday’s German (Pointer) Pilsner

Available Now!

A German style pils. Very approachable lager style beer with a subdued hop profile. Soft, clear, crisp and zesty.
Friday was a German Short Haired Pointer. A gentle soul and super friendly and cuddly. She inspired me to keep going on no matter what. She lived to the ripe old age of 17. With the last few years of that without the use of her back legs. But that didn’t stop her spunk or drive and she outran most dogs in the park with her wheel chair firmly attached.

25 cents per can is donated to AARCS: Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society.

Zen’s Great (Dane) Stout

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Large and thick and rich and sweet. Roasted and full bodied stout.

Zen came from a shelter after being found on the side of the road in a ditch. This gentle giant was mistaken for a deer until picked up and taken into a shelter and fed back to health. Adopting him when he was 9 years old, I was told I might only have him for a few months. 2 years later and lots of love proved them wrong. He was a big, tender, sweet boy that, even at 11 years old, was too soon to leave me.

Sasha’s Rhodesian Ridgeback Red Ale

Available Now!

Red ale. Matly sweet with a clean finish.
Sasha was a tall and sweet thing just so full of love. Her favourite time was when she was nestled under the blanket in front of the fire. Comfy and cozy was her motto. No ridge on her back made her unwanted, but she filled my life with joy. Lost to bone cancer way too early, but always loved.

Elvis’s  Salted Lime Lager

Available Now!

Light clean lager with hints of salt and lime. Aye Carumba!!

Elvis was a rescue mutt originally from Mexico. Full of energy and a spark for life. Always put a smile on my face with his antics. Salty and spunky, but he was also a cool and easy going boy. He lived to 13 and passed eventually from a brain tumour. His howl to certain songs on the radio still makes me smile to this day.

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